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London Eye besides the pier

Day 2 – London Eye, London

April 2015

London Eye was NOT in our itinerary as we have read the waiting time is ridiculously long even for pre-purchased ticket holders. I’m not going to stand in line to waste time and tire myself. For a view of London skyline, we’ve already seen it from The Shard. So, being able to see and get close to the Eye is sufficient enough for us. The pier the Thames Clipper ferry berth is next to the London Eye.

To recap the itinerary for the day, we have been ……..

above the Thames by Emirates cable car,
underneath the Thames via Greenwich Foot Tunnel,
on the Thames by Thames Clipper ferry, all within a few hours.

London Eye

London Eye from Thames Clipper ferry.

London Eye besides the pier

London Eye just beside the pier.

London Eye ridiculous queue

London Eye’s ridiculous queue.

London Eye ridiculous queue

Queue spilling over to the road side.

London Eye

London Eye

Just in-front of the London Eye across the street, is a halal restaurant called Chilli Chutney. They serve delicious European & Indian food. Waterloo underground is just a short distance from Chilli Chutney where we will be catching our train back to Southwark.

Chili Chutney halal restaurant

Chilli Chutney halal restaurant nearby Waterloo station in-front of London Eye.

Chilli Chutney's menu.

Chilli Chutney’s menu.

Chilli Chutney location

Chilli Chutney location.