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Final Day Tokyo – Free & Lazy

November 2018
Returning from Kawaguchiko we reached Shinjuku Expressway bus terminal around lunch time. The bus terminal is located on 4F of the JR Shinjuku station ‘New South Gate’. Getting off the bus, take the escalator beside the Information Center down to the train platform. Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest station, but one should not be intimidated by that status. To ensure you don’t get lost within the station, just inquire at the several information counters and in good English they will direct you to the correct train platform for your destination. Within 30 minutes, we arrived at our hotel in Akihabara.

Shinjuku Expressway bus terminal

Shinjuku Expressway bus terminal, JR Shinjuku station ‘New South Gate’                          credit:gotokyo.org

We will be continuing our stay at Washington Akihabara for a further two nights before returning home. Prior to visiting Kawaguchiko, we had stayed four nights making our total stay in this hotel six nights. We have no itinerary for the rest of the day as well as for the next with an exception of visiting my wife’s niece working in Tokyo, if time permits. For the rest of the day, it’s just walking around Akihabara soaking in the atmosphere.

The next day, our final day in Tokyo, we headed to Shibuya again just to wander around. A shop selling vegetable and fruits beside Mark City East Mall got our attention. This shop sells varieties of vegetables and fruits just meters from Shibuya crossing. The produce are fresh looking and in Japan you have no worries buying anything pre packed. You can be assured of not finding bad produce placed at the bottom of the package.


Next to Mark City East Mall.                                                                          Credit:Google


We then proceeded to LABI Shibuya Department store, an electrical outlet similar in concept to Yodobashi/BIC Camera. LABI is smaller then the two but products are priced competitively as well. The one item that caught my wife’s interest was a digital kitchen timer. Although the product is all labeled in Japanese as well as it’s instruction leaflet, it wasn’t difficult to figure how to operate it. Comes with battery, ¥753 well spent.

From LABI, we crossed the street and walked straight ahead. Not far from the main street, next to McDonald’s is Mamo Kebab Cafe selling Halal kebab. Priced competitively and tasted good, kebab is what we had for lunch.

Having no more itinerary for the day, we made our way to my wife’s niece house who later drove us to scout for some pre-loved items. Lovers of pre-loved LV, hang on for the next post. Yes, LV as in Louis Vuitton.

Shibuya Kebab

The Kebab outlet. Go up 2F for seating area.

Shibuya Kebab

Our Kebab cost ¥700 inclusive of tax.

Shibuya Kebab

Part of their menu.

LABI Department Store as seen from the Kebab outlet. Out of frame, left is ABC Mart, to the right is McDonald’s.

Shibuya Kebab

Location of the Kebab outlet. Click to enlarge.