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Tomb of unknown soldier in-front of the Greek parliament.

Greek Parliament changing of guards, Athens, Greece

October 2013

Returning from the Acropolis to our hotel, we decided to stroll along Syntagma Square. The Greek parliament is just in-front of the square so we decided to head on over. There are guards on duty in-front of the parliament guarding the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’.

The ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ is permanently guarded by Evzones, the members of the presidential guard in traditional attire and there is a changing of guards ceremony every hour. We were lucky to be there on the hour of the changing of the guards but on Sundays at 11:00 am, it is more elaborate than the weekdays. It features a marching band and an abundance of guards much like Buckingham Palace albeit smaller in scale.

Tomb of unknown soldier in-front of the Greek parliament.

The relief on the wall is the ‘Tomb of unknown soldier’ in-front of the Greek parliament.

Guards in-front of greek parliament

Guards in-front of the tomb.

changing of the guards, greek parliament

Changing of the guards. New guards coming in for duty.

Greek parliament, Athens

The Greek Parliament, Athens

Strolling further around Syntagma Square closer to Ermou Street after the changing of the guards, we spotted ‘Athens Happy Train‘. It’s sort of hop-on-hop-off bus but due to its smaller size, it can maneuver the narrows Athens streets and gives you better view of the ruins around Athens. The point of interest it will take you is prominently displayed on a board. The tour lasts an hour if you do not get off at any of the POI.

athens happy train

Athens sight-seeing ‘Happy Train’.

Athens Happy Train route.

Athens Happy Train route.