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Florence walkabout.

Florence Walkabout

April 2016

After checking into Hotel Montreal and thereafter having a late lunch, we started our walkabout of Florence at 5:00 pm. First on our list is the Lorenzo street market … not to buy leather but just to have a look-see as we’ve read negative reviews about purchasing leather there.

From our hotel, we headed back towards SM Novella train station and crossed over the round-about to the Zoppini Store. In-front of this store is where you can catch the dedicated black colored bus to Barberino outlet about 35 km away. We then walked along Nazionale Street heading to the San Lorenzo street market.

Florence walkabout. Barberina outlet bus.

You can catch the bus to Barberino outlet diagonally opposite the SM Novella train station at the Zoppini Store. It’s the black bus you want to get onto.

Florence walkabout.

Bus route and timetable along the street.

Florence walkabout.

A ‘Smart’ car with see-through doors. Cinderella would love this.

Florence walkabout.

Scooters are what Italy are famous for.

Florence walkabout.

A make shift round-about ?

At the San Lorenzo street market, we noticed one particular design of handbag which looks very nice being sold by multiple vendors … so can this be an Italian handmade product as claimed? We didn’t bother to ask.

Florence walkabout. San Lorenzo Market

The San Lorenzo street market.

Florence walkabout. San Lorenzo Market.

Selling leather, clothing and souvenirs. But be wary, there’s a whole lot of low quality imported leather here.

Florence walkabout. San Lorenzo street market

You can also find pottery & ceramic at San Lorenzo street market.

We continued walking until the end of the street market and reached Basilica di San Lorenzo. From here the dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del fiore can be partially seen. Onwards, we walked to the cathedral, then passed a street with many branded stores and unexpectedly reached Hard Rock cafe & its Rock Shop. We continued walking until we reached Piazza della Signoria. Here you can dwell at the statue of David.

We headed back to our hotel from here as twilight was approaching. Most of Florence’s major attractions are of walking distance and easy to locate.

Florence walkabout. Basilica di San Lorenzo.

Basilica di San Lorenzo. The dome of the cathedral Santa Maria can be partially seen.

Florence walkabout. Cathedral santa maria del fiore.

Cathedral Santa Maria del fiore with its famous red dome.

Florence walkabout. Battistero di san giovanni.

Battistero di san giovanni across the Cathedral.

Florence walkabout.

The dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the bell tower & baptistery of San Giovanni all in one.

Florence walkabout.

Many branded shops in Florence.

Florence walkabout

Prada among the branded shops.

Florence walkabout. Hard Rock cafe.

Hard Rock cafe & Rock Shop in Florence.

Florence walkabout. Piazza della Signoria.

Piazza della Signoria. A piece of ‘David’ at the far end.