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Heritage Park, Albany, Western Australia

October 2016

Our 3rd day road trip will take us to Albany Heritage Park, then on to Emu Point before proceeding to Hippos Yawn & Wave Rock in Hyden. Before the start of our drive, we headed to town for Woolworth to get some groceries. The road leading to Woolworth passed a rock formation called ‘Dog Rock’ as it has a resemblance of a dog’s head. The Dog Rock is just at the Corner of Middleton and Young Roads turning into Woolworth. Once purchases done, we headed to the Heritage Park driving up Apex Drive.

Dog Rock Albany

‘Dog Rock’. A rock formation that looks like a dog’s head.

Woolworth Albany

Woolworth, Dog Rock. Dropped by for some groceries.

Heritage Park Albany

Route from Harbourside Motel to Dog Rock, Woolworth & Heritage Park.

Albany Heritage Park is a 260 hectare parkland. It surrounds Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide and stretches from the port of Albany to the Middleton Beach. The park consists of parklands and historical monuments. We went here for the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial and the ‘Padre White’ Lookout.

Heritage Park Albany

Apex Drive leading up to Mount Clarence memorial.

From the car park (limited bays), it’s a gentle up-hill walk to the Memorial. Don’t be fooled by the gentle gradient as it got us panting and a bit of a sweat. At the end of the walkway, a few stairs up and we are at the Memorial.

Heritage Park Albany

Stairs from the car park up to the Memorial. Quite a distance to walk.

Heritage Park Albany

The length of the paved passageway to the Memorial is a gradual up-hill walk.


Relieved when the memorial was in sight. Few more stairs to go.

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial commemorates Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died in service or were killed in action in Egypt, Palestine and Syria during World War One. It stands close to the summit of Mount Clarence. The memorial is a 9m bronze statue of an Australian mounted soldier assisting a New Zealand soldier whose horse has been wounded.

Heritage Park Albany

sampaisudah.com finally conquered the stairs to reach the Memorial.

Around the back of the Memorial, is a steel walkway leading to ‘Padre White’ Lookout on the summit of Mt Clarence. The walkway curves in harmony with the surrounding and once on top, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of Albany. From this point you could see the Wind Farm across Shoal Bay on the other side of the peninsular. Whilst on the opposite side, you’ll be able to see the shores of Middleton and Emu Point.

Heritage Park Albany

From behind the Memorial, take the paved and railed passageway up to Mount Clarence summit.

Heritage Park Albany

View across the bay all the way to the Wind Farm on the other side of the peninsular.

Heritage Park Albany

View across Port Albany.

Upon leaving the Memorial, on our way down Apex Drive, we made a quick stop at Apex Lookout to take a couple of pictures and selfies with the beach of Middleton, Emu Point and Princess Royal Harbour in the background. The weather was good and we got awesome pictures.

Heritage Park Albany

Middleton beach and Emu Point at the far end.

We had researched about Mount Clarence but not knowing that Mount Adelaide was within the Heritage Park too. It was by chance we spotted directions to Mount Adelaide and we took this opportunity to visit.

Albany was the gathering point for the first two convoys carrying the Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Expeditionary Force, before they departed for the war. These troops were later known as the Anzacs.

Heritage Park Albany

The National Anzac Centre.

The National Anzac Centre located on Mount Adelaide is a museum dedicated to honouring the Anzacs of the First World War. Set within the Heritage Park, the Centre offer visitors personal connection with the Anzac story revealed through interactive multimedia displays, unique artefacts, rare images and film, and audio commentary. The Centre was opened on 1 November 2014.

Heritage Park Albany

The center overlooking the bay.

On the grounds of Princess Royal Fortress close to the National Anzac Centre, you’ll find display of military hardware and missiles. Definitely not those used during WW1. We regret that we did not have time at this Centre, as we left after a quick walkabout to proceed for a long drive to Hyden. After coming home, we read there are other attractions here that are of interest to us.

—–  Outdoor display of military hardware & missiles  —–

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