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Germany, Austria & Czech Republic. Pt 5.

Czech Rep, Day 9 – Cesky Krumlov to Prague

September 2014
Ritchie’s Hotel & Hostel  Palladium Mall  Hard Rock Cafe  Halal Food  Photo Spot

Our transportation to Pargue from Cesky Krumlov was again using CK Shuttle due to the convenience of being drop-off together with our luggage at the door steps of our hotel in Prague. This time, a VW shuttle van with already 3 passengers came to pick us up on time. We were the last 2 making a total of 5 in a van that can seat 8 passengers.

CK shuttle van

Again, the van was comfortable, clean and the ride was smooth all the way. We were pick-up at 9 a.m. and the journey to Prague would take 3 hours. Along the way, we passed a few scenic spots.

Road to Prague
103km to Praha (Prague).

Czech country side
Passing Czech country side.

Czech highway
Czech highway.



Without being told, I recognised Prague’s ‘Dancing Building’. I knew at 11.45 a.m. we have entered Prague city center. The traffic was slightly heavy but moving.

Dancing building

Prague tram & metro route

Useful Prague tram & metro route.
Credit : metro.angrenost.cz

We were the last to be dropped-off and we stayed at Ritchie’s Hotel & Hostel right on Karlova Street. This is the street you would walk from Charles bridge over to the old town square. An added convenience staying here for us, there is a halal kebab shop ‘Bodrum’ just below the hostel. They serve tasty kebab & pizza. A convenience store is just besides it.

ritchie hotel & hostel prague
The entrance to Ritchie’s hostel is through an art gallery where at the end, is a steep spiral stair case up the hostel.

Bodrum kebab shop
Bodrum halal eatery below Ritchie’s hostel right on Karlova Street. Tasty servings. See location on map below.

As usual, not wasting time, we sat out to walk to Palladium mall about 1.3km away. On the way, just before reaching the astronomical clock, to your left is Hard Rock cafe.

Hard rock prague
Hard Rock Cafe, Prague.

Just a short distance further up, is the old town hall & astronomical clock that strikes every hour. Come to think of the flood of crowd waiting for the clock to strike and witness nothing else amazes me. I’m sure something was malfunctioning about this clock.

Prague Astronomical clock by the Old Town Square.

To the right of the clock (looking at it) is the Old Town Square where you’ll find different street musicians performing each day. And across the square is the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

Old Town Square Prague
Street musicians performing at the Old Town Square.

Tyn church Prague
  Church of Our Lady before Týn as seen from across the astronomical clock.

Walking further down from the Old Town Square passing rows of shops will take you to the Powder Gate and turning left onwards to Palladium Mall where we had lunch at Nordsee located at the top floor food court. There’s also an Arabic/Indian halal shop diagonally across Nordsee.

Prague powder tower
Pass the Powder Gate and to your left, it will take you to Palladium.

Palladium Prague
Palladium, Prague.

Nordsee Palladium mall Prague
Nordsee, Palladium food court, Prague. 

Prague Map
Walking route from Ritchie’s Hostel to Palladium. 1.3km, 16 minutes brisk walk.

We had booked a Prague 3-hour daytime guided Photo Walk through ‘Get Your Guide‘ conducted by a husband-and-wife team of Thomas & Petra. They came over to our hostel and the photo walk started at 5.15 p.m. I was the only participant & my wife as a non-paying companion.

We first passed the Czech Philharmonic building before crossing river Vltava via Manusuv bridge. Once on the other side of the river, we turned left and headed downwards towards the river cruise jetty where there were a flock of geese and ducks with the Charles Bridge in the background.

Geese and charles bridge
Geese, ducks, boat & Charles Bridge.

We back-tracked to where we turned left earlier, crossed Klarov street and walked straight ahead past Malostranska tram stop and turned left to what seems to be a uphill driveway before exiting mid way on the right into the woods! This off the beaten track will take us to the castle entrance according to Thomas. About half hour of tracking, we reached the 2nd courtyard castle entrance where the castle sentry stood on guard.

Woods to castle
Start of our trekking through the woods to Prague castle. Thomas & Petra showing the way. Or is it my wife leading them?

Tunnel to the castle
Through this short tunnel what seems at the end of it like pollen or dust floating around.

Castle from the woods
Part of the castle from the woods.

St Vitus cathedral
St Vitus cathedral structure jutting out from the woods.

Castle entrance
At the end of wooden fence on the right (with the light pole) just before the guard, is the exit from the woods. This will be the entrance to the castle 2nd courtyard if came by tram No. 22 and dropped-off at Prazsky Hard.                                                                                                  Credit:rogerzki.wordpress.com


Entering the castle from the 2nd courtyard entrance, we made our way to the 3rd courtyard where St Vitus cathedral is located. An awesomely huge building. Thereon, we walked to the Golden Lane and had photos of John Kafka’s former home.


Entrance to 3rd courtyard
Entrance to the 3rd courtyard.

St Vitus cathedral
St Vitus cathedral located in the 3rd courtyard.

Golden Lane
Golden Lane with it’s rather cute ‘small’ houses.

Prague castle main entrance
The castle square in-front of the 1st courtyard (main entrance) at dusk.

From the Golden Lane, we made our way out through the main castle entrance, pass the castle square and headed to Novy Svet. Photographers take note – the quiet lanes here are photo spot not to be missed.

Novy Svet1
Quiet lane of Novy Svet. 

Novy Svet4
Back lane of Novy Svet.

From Novy Svet, we started our walk back to our hostel passing the Loreta church, Uvoz street, Strahovská garden, the US Embassy and onto Charles Bridge which will take us to Karlova street at the other end. By the time we were at Strahovská garden, it was 7.40 p.m. and the sun has already set and it’s starting to get dark.

Loreta church.

Uvoz street
Uvoz street at sundown.

Prague castle at night
Prague castle alight after sundown. Shot from Strahovská garden.

Cherles bridge at night
Shot towards Kafka Museum from Charles Bridge at nightfall.

We crossed Charles Bridge at 8.15 p.m. and reached our hostel 10 minutes later. With our thanks of appreciation, we bid goodbye to Thomas & Petra for showing us around Prague’s photo spots.

Germany, Austria & Czech Republic. Pt 4.

Czech Rep, Day 7 – Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov State Castle  Pension Wok  CK Shuttle  Cloak Bridge  Photo Spot  

After 2 nights in Hallstatt, we moved on with a heavy heart to our next destination, Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. From Gruner Baum hotel, we made our way to Hallstatt Lahn by the town shuttle van at a cost of €10 per vehicle where our inter-city shuttle van to Cesky Krumlov would pick us up.

Travel arrangements on shared shuttle for 2 persons were made on-line through CK Shuttle for CZK1,900 (€76). Since CK Shuttle was unable to enter Hallstatt town proper to pick us up from Gruner Baum door steps, they gave a discounted price of CZK1,200 (€48). A €28 discount against €10 we had to pay for the Hallstatt town shuttle. An acceptable proposition.

CK Shuttle

The VW suv that took us from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov. This suv seats 4 passengers.

The clean and comfortable VW suv came on time to pick us up at Hallstatt Lahn at 9.00 a.m. The journey of about 210 kms would take 3 hours. Me & my wife were the only passengers. CK Shuttle will e-mail you a pick-up reminder 2 days ahead and even if you are the only passenger, they would pick you up. That is their promise and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Along our journey to Casky Krumlov, we passed by a few picturesque location and the driver, being a local to Cesky Krumlov drove via a short-cut route off the main road and we got to experience the country side and villages for free.


Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov.

Although the mountains aren’t high, it’s still a beautiful sight.

Not much traffic on the highway makes a pleasant drive.

Austria lakeside town

Austrian lakeside town of Traunkirchen.

Entering a small country town.

The openness of the countryside.

Czech immigation point

Czech immigration border point no longer in use since joining EU.

Welcome to Cesky Republic

The super simple Czech Republic border signage.

Driving along the river bank.

Czech by the river

By the river in Czech Republic.

Cesky map

The route taken from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov.

We arrived Cesky Krumlov just before 12.00 p.m. and was driven right to the door steps of Pension Wok where we will be staying. Check-in was effortless and quick although we arrived well before check-in time. Pension Wok is situated just by river Vltava where you can see people canoeing & rafting. Room No. 3 is a low ceiling comfortable room with double bed, tea making facilities and the usual amenities. You do need to walk up a few flight of steps to your room.

Pension Wok

The quiet and charming Pension (Guesthouse) Wok by river Vltava.

Pension Wok

The comfortable double bed.

Pension Wok

The wooden sofa cum bed with lower pull-out bunk. Comfortably sleeps 4 in this room. The door to the balcony with a view of river Vltava and the town.

Cesky Krumlov

View of river Vltava, Dr Edwarda Benese bridge and St Vitus church from our balcony.

Pension Wok from bridge

View of Pension Wok from the bridge.

I’ve not heard of Chesky Krumlov but have seen many pictures. It was from those pictures in the internet that arouses my interest and got me to do a little bit of research. Realising it’s between Hallstatt & Prague, I decided to drop Vienna from my itinerary and opted for Chesky Krumlov. Although I knew the only main attraction there was the Castle, but it’s the red tiled roofs in the pictures that lured me. Importantly to say, Cesky Krumlov like Hallstatt, are both UNESCO heritage sites.

Today is the first day it did not rain since we arrived Europe 5 days ago. After lunch, we set out to explore the town starting with the town square which is a short distance away by crossing river Vltava via Dr Edwarda Benese bridge. Then from the town square, onwards to the castle and it’s garden after crossing Lazebnicky bridge, at the other side of town. 30m after this bridge, to your left are the steps leading to the castle tower, the castle, the castle grounds, and to the castle garden which has an up-hill gradient.


CK is rather a ‘compact’ town.                                          Credit : hoteldiscount.cz


Cesky Krumlov town square

The fountain at the town square.

Cesky Krumlov town square

From the town square walk past the red colored building onwards to Lazebnicky bridge.

Lazebnicky bridge Cesky Krumlov

Past Lazebnicky bridge, walk 30m ahead.

Castle steps

Take the castle steps on the left to the castle entrance.

The main attraction in CK is the state castle. Visiting it on our own deprived us of more information, therefore pardon me of posting pictures from now on.

Castle ariel view

Aeriel view of castle entrance and bear pit to the right.

Castle bear

The bear in it’s pit and rightly so.

Castle 2nd courtyard forward

The castle entrance will lead you to the 2nd courtyard and then onwards to the 3rd courtyard.

Castle tower 2nd courtyard

As you enter the 2nd courtyard, to your left is the way leading to the castle museum and the castle tower.

Castle tower ticket

Tower entrance ticket. 50CZK.

Cesky Krumlov from tower

Cesky Krumlov from the castle tower.

Castle 3rd courtyard

The 3rd courtyard walls, each one of them with Renaissance paintings.

Castle 4th courtyard

4th courtyard. Similar resemblance to the 3rd but has protruding windows and balcony (not visible here). Walking onwards, will take you the the Cloak bridge.

Avid photographers take note. From this Cloak bridge, you get fantastic panoramic aerial view of the town. This is a great photo spot. However, the evening sun will be against you but there are structures to help you shade from the sunlight.

Castle Cloak bridge
The Cloak bridge (with arches .. that’s where you want to be) adjoining the castle.

View of Cesky Krumlov town from the Cloak bridge.

Castle Cloak bridge
Exiting the Cloak bridge, there are arches built into this wall. Frame your picture of the town here. Further up the wall, there is a terrace with another excellent view point.

Cesky through the arch
CK through the arches.

From the Cloak bridge it was again up hill to the castle gardens. The garden is not as spectacular as Salzburg’s Mirabell garden. We strolled around before we ended our day.

Cesky Krumlov castle garden Cesky Krumlov castle garden
Cesky Krumlov castle garden Cesky Krumlov castle garden
Cesky Krumlov castle garden Cesky Krumlov castle garden


Czech Rep, Day 8 – Cesky Krumlov

Seeing almost everything there were to see in Cesky Krumlov yesterday, today we spent strolling around to the other part of town and the town itself for a few souvenirs. By lunch we were back to our hotel and the rest of the day spent lazying in our room watching people rafting and canoeing by the river. Another sunny day today.

The other side of Cesky Krumlov The other side of Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov street Cesky Krumlov street
Building in Cesky Krumlov DSC03117

Reddish tile roof of Cesjy Krumlov
View of CK town from the Cloak bridge.

Reddish tile roof of Cesjy Krumlov
View towards Dr Edwarda Benese bridge from the hill top.

Reddish tile roof of Cesjy Krumlov
CK town square from the castle tower.

Reddish tile roof of Cesjy Krumlov
Main entrance to the castle (100m after the castle steps). View from castle tower.

Before we leave for Prague tomorrow, I made my way to the city park nearby while my wife set on the balcony watching canoes & rafts pass by.

CK city park CK city park
Rafting in Cesky Krumlov Rafting in Cesky Krumlov