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Antonia apartment

Antonia Apartment, Fira, Santorini, Greece

October 2013

We stayed in Fira town at Antonia Apartment. We had made our reservation thru booking.com By the time we arrived from the airport it was already dark and check-in was quick.

This property also has a hotel section adjacent to the apartment but due to the off-season, it was closed. The apartment consists of a large room with double bed, bathroom and a kitchen cum dining area. The kitchen has sufficient utensils and cooking equipment. Even in mid October, in the late evening and night it’s rather cold. The room however comes with a heater/air-cond. Free wi-fi available but weak signal in some spots.

The location of this apartment is very close to Fira town square, just off the main road but quiet at night for a good night’s sleep. There is a sundry shop at the main road where you can buy mineral water, eggs, bread, cooking oil, vegetable and the like for you to cook in the apartment.

We’ve booked a rental car thru santorini**li**ycars.com to be delivered to us at the apartment at 10:00 am. However by 10:45 am when no car arrived we asked our apartment to inquire. To our disbelief, the rental company said the car supposedly for us was involved in an accident. There is no car for us. They did not even bother to inform or apologise. Luckily no payment has been made.

We than turn to our apartment to arrange one. Within 30 minutes, the car was delivered to us. We signed all the papers at the apartment. The return of the car was also at the apartment. The car rental personnel didn’t even come to pick up the car. We just left the keys at the reception.

Antonia apartment

Sunrise in Fira from our apartment balcony.

rental car

The Hyundai Atos we rented for two days.

Hotel Antonia, Fira

The ‘unimpressive’ look of Hotel Antonia from the main road. Our apartment is adjacent to it.

Antonia apartment

The closed section of the hotel during off-season. Small pool available. In mid October, that water will be chilly.

Hotel section. The apartment is behind us.

Hotel section. Our apartment is behind us.

Antonia apartment

Location of Hotel Antonia & Apartment in Fira (Thira) town.

Antonia apartemnt

Hotel courtesy van. Most if not all hotels provide free transfers. Santorini is not a big island.

aegean boarding pass

Santorini, Greece

October 2013

Why Santorini ? Because of the white-washed buildings with blue dome against the deep blue sea. That’s enough to inspire us to see it for ourselves.

Our flight to Santorini originated from Istanbul. We flew from Ataturk by Aegean Airlines. This flight transits in Athens and we were required to exit arrival hall and proceed to domestic departure for our onwards connection to Santorini. Boarding pass to Santorini has been issued at Ataturk and check-in begs tagged to Santorini accordingly.

There is no direct flight from Istanbul to Santorini. Your alternative carrier would be Olympic Airlines that also does a transit in Athens.

The flight from Ataturk to Athens takes one hour twenty minutes with a transit time of 70 minutes. The onwards flight to Santorini takes only ¾ hour compared to 5~7 hours by ferry from Prius Port, Athens. We left Athens at 19:10 arriving Santorini at 19:55 in the evening.

We were met at the airport by our hotel pick-up van. We stayed at Antonia Apartments in Fira town about 5.5 km away and travelling time was about 15 minutes. After checking-in, we walked to Fira town centre which is only a few minutes walking distance away.

aegean boarding pass

Boarding pass to Athens & onwards to Santorini ready. Flight by Aegean.

Santorini map

Where is Santorini ?

aegean snack pack

Snack pack for the late afternoon flight.

aegean IST-ATH

The ½ full A320 flight from IST – ATH. The seats are comfortable with spacious leg room.

aegean recaro seats

Seats by Recaro.

aegean landing athens

Descending into Athens.

athens airport

Athens International airport. Since boarding pass to Santorini has been issued in Istanbul, you just need to proceed straight to departure hall.

santorini airport

Waiting for our baggage in Santorini airport.


Map of Santorini.

fira, santorini

Fira town centre. Less than 3 minutes walking from our apartment.

fira, santorini

Fira during off-peak season.

fira, santorini

Fira town centre at night.