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Milan Airport

Milan, Italy

April 2016

Our long haul holiday for 2016 starts in Italy. Point of entry is Milan Malpensa airport. Arrived at 19:25 by Oman Air after a transit at Muscat of 2 hours. Total flight time of about 11 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Past passport control, our bags are already on the baggage carousel waiting to be picked up.

Exiting arrival hall, we turned left and walked ahead to search for the escalator down one level to the Malpensa Express train counter to buy tickets. The tickets cost €12. Another level down by escalator, the train was already waiting for it’s passengers. The Malpensa Express terminates at Milano Centrale where we had booked a hotel nearby. There are also shuttle buses available to Milan Centrale but being cheaper by just €2, we opted for the train.

The train is clean, comfortable and the journey took 52 minutes. As there are a few stops during the journey, 1st timers into Milano Centrale should be on the look-out for the station.

Milan Airport

Milan Malpensa airport, arrival level.

Milan Airport

Malpensa express train to Milano Centrale is a floor below. The escalator is near the middle pillar where the crews of Emirates are heading to. Look out for the green ‘Trains’ signboard.

Malpensa express train

Malpensa express train. Clean, comfortable and fast alternative into Milan.

Milano Centrale

Interior of Milano Centrale train station. International, inter city and regional trains also converge here. The metro underground entrance/exit is just in-front of this building. As it is a multi level station, escalators and lifts are available.

Milano Centrale

Exterior of Milano Centrale train station main entrance/exit.