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Dubai Airport

Day 24 – Istanbul, Turkey to Dubai, UAE

April 2015

Our Emirates flight departs Istanbul Ataturk at 4:30 p.m. for Dubai. This is our 2nd time visiting Dubai but the 1st disembarking at Dubai airport itself. Previously we had landed in Abu Dhabi and then taken a courtesy bus to Dubai.

This is the new Dubai airport and similar to any other major airport, it’s huge and spacious thus making it comfortable to walk around or window shop. As expected with a new building, Dubai airport was glittering from floor to the metal panels.

Upon arrival, we had to take a shuttle train to the arrival concourse. Immigration was quick but we had to wait for some time for our baggage at the carousel. One word of caution, the baggage trolley retains static electricity and at certain times you can actually hear a ‘buzz’ when you touch the trolley’s metal parts. When this happens, you’ll feel a biting sensation to your hands. This happens both at arrival and departure.

Dubai airport

Shuttle train at Dubai airport.

Dubai Airport

The spacious and un-crowded Dubai Airport.

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport. The glittering floor and metal penal.

Dubai Airport

Sort of futuristic elevators.

Dubai Airport

Dubai airport duty-free shops.

Dubai Airport




Dubai Airport

Care for a Gold iPhone?


Or a slightly more expensive one.

Dubai metroroute

Useful Dubai metro route. Click to enlarge.
Credit : discover-dubai.ae