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¥1000 Shuttle Bus From Tokyo Station to Narita.

November 2018
After more than a fortnight in Japan, it’s time to bid Sayonara and head home. Our Malaysian Airline flight is scheduled at 21:40. We have entered Japan via Kansai, left Osaka through Itami for Haneda, Tokyo and will be leaving for home from Narita.

Prayer Room At Tokyo Train Station
As our flight is at night, we checked-out of our hotel at the very last minute we could and headed for Tokyo train station via JR Yamanote line from Akihabara. By the time we reached Tokyo train station, it was prayer time and we proceeded to the prayer room provided by Japan Railway (JR). It is located at 1F close-by Marunochi North Gate inside the JR East Travel Service Center to the right of the entrance door.

Tokyo station prayer room

JR East Travel Service Center. The arrow points to the prayer room inside.                              Credit:Twitter.com

Tokyo station prayer room

Right side frontage of JR East Travel Service Center, Tokyo train station.                    Credit:themoslemtraveler.com

To use the prayer room, you do not need to go to any counter. Just communicate through the intercom at the door of the prayer room and you’ll be given access. The room has a wash basin and to block public view from outside, there are 2 portable screens provided. The room is clean and has prayer direction. It is a little small, odd shaped with probably two praying alongside being the maximum. Please note there are no chair or stool for those who may require the use of it. Thank you JR for providing this facility.

Tokyo station prayer room

The intercom is to the left of the door.                                                                     Credit:musallah.com

Tokyo station prayer room

The wash basin inside the prayer room with the stool bolted to the floor.                  Credit:halamedia.jp

Tokyo station prayer room

The prayer area will be a squeeze for two praying at once.                                        Credit:halamedia.jp

Access Narita Shuttle Bus
From Tokyo train station, we will be taking the Access Narita shuttle bus to Narita airport. Access Narita is a bus shuttle service from Tokyo station (and Ginza) to Narita airport Terminals 1,2 &3 (vice versa), costing ¥1,000 one way with services as frequent as every 10 minutes during peak times. You line up and board the bus at platform #7 outside the Yaesu South entrance of the train station.

The buses are clean, comfortable and has a toilet. Ticket payment is to the driver either by cash or pre-paid (Icoca) card. You could also make advance reservation using credit card from their site but it’s in Japanese. Platform #7 for the Access Narita is within the train station building, so you do not have to cross any street or bridges. It is diagonally opposite JR East Travel Service Center, however is a long walk to circumvent the large Tokyo train station.

Access Narita

Platform #7. Just line up there and board the bus. Make payment to the bus driver.

In case you have bought a ticket in advanced through their web site and you wish to change your timing, just inform the bus personnel at platform #7. Your request will likely be accepted but you have to wait in line the next time around instead of getting priority. The queue does grow rather fast but the bus service is frequent nonetheless.

The advantages of getting the bus to Narita is it’s cheaper, takes just over an hour and it’s street level from the bus stop at the terminal (T2) all the way to your airline check-in counter.  No requirement for elevator or escalator. Depending on which airline you’re flying, your check-in counter could be just 30 meters away. There are 2 stops at T2 due to the airport being large. You’ll be asked which one you’ll be getting off and your checked luggage tagged accordingly. In case you’ve chosen the wrong stop for T2, it’s just a matter of you having to walk a distance to your check-in counter, nothing to panic.

Access Narita.

There are personnel to assist you with your luggage.

Access Narita

Walking route from JR East Service Center to Platform #7 for Access Narita. Click to enlarge.     Credit:tokyostationcity.com

Downtown Tokyo

View of downtown Tokyo from the station.

Prayer Room at Narita T2 Landside
At Narita airport, we again require the use of a prayer room. On the landside of Narita Terminal 2, lanside prayer room is located at 1F, International Arrival level, beside the Information counter, nearby North Exit 1. You might miss it if there is a big crowd at the counter blocking the entrance. No registration is required, just walk in and use it.

The prayer room is large and has a common wash area. A portable screen is used to segregate the men & women. Chairs are available for those who require it. If you are at 3F, Departure Level of T2, you’ll need to go down to 1F. Escalators and elevators are available here. For more information regarding other prayer rooms either airside or landside of Narita airport, click here.

Narita Terminal 2 prayer room

Narita T2 landside prayer room beside the arrival Information counter.                                    Credit:fun-japan.jp

Narita Terminal 2 prayer room

The large prayer room at Narita T2 landside.                                                         Credit:his-travel.co.id

Halal Food At Narita T2
There are two Halal food outlets at Narita T2. La Toque & Tentai are both located on the same level at 4F, one level up from the departure level. Halal sign and certification are displayed prominently. We had dinner at La Toque simply because it was nearer to our check-in counter.  Food tasted good and surprisingly at an airport, the meal was reasonably priced.

La Toque Narita T2

La Toque, 4F Narita T2, serves Halal food.                                                                     Credit:youcojapan.com

Tentai Halal Narita airport

Tentai also serves Halal food at Narita. Located at 4F Narita T2, same level as La Toque.

Halal Food Narita T2

Location of La Toque & Tentai at 4F, Narita T2.                                                Credit:www.narita-airport.jp

Sayonara Japan
After dinner, we check-in for our Malaysian Airline flight home. It was really a long walk to departure gate #98 (#99 last) as it was located in a satellite building. This flight will be our first time we will be experiencing flying the A350. The entire flight was relatively smooth and we reached KUL early the next morning at 04:00 local time. Our favorite is still flying with B777 and A330 which seems a little ‘more spacious’ and comfortable with their seating layout. Just for statistics, we flew into Kansai on A330, departed Itami for Haneda on B777 and flew home on A350.

Narita airport T2

Narita T2 airport architecture.

Narita airport T2

First time seeing a duty free outlet by an airline.

Narita airport T2

LAOX also has an outlet in T2 Narita airport.