Naif Souq

Day 25 – Naif Souq, Dubai, UAE

May 2015

Dubai wasn’t initially in our itinerary. Since Emirates offers the best flight deal for our Europe trip, Dubai then became a two nights stop over. This is because wife wanted to buy silk for the coming Eid festival in July. Since we’ve been to Dubai before, we headed straight to Naif Souq and the vicinity as this is the place to find silk and abaya. From Al Fahidi station we took the metro to Baniyas Square and walked over to Naif Souq. To our surprise, it was jammed packed today with locals probably because it’s Saturday.

Dubai metro

Metro to Baniyas Square via Etisalat.

Naif Soqk

Baniyas metro to Naif Souq.

Baniyas Square

Baniyas Square metro station.

Baniyas station

Vicinity of Baniyas Square.

Naif Souq

Naif Souq, two floors of Abaya.

Naif Souq

Naif Souq.

Outside the souq, you’ll find Anas Cafeteria. They serve inexpensive and delicious meals which we recommend you to try. Seating may however be a problem as there are lots of customers. Just be a little patience, they’ll get seats for you once available.

Naif Souq

Exterior of Naif Souq. Anas cafeteria is the blue umbrellas.

Anas cafeteria

Try a delicious meal at Anas open air cafeteria in-front of Naif Souq.