Fira, Santorini, Greece

October 2013

Fira is the administrative capital of this South Aegean island of Santorini. It has a land mass of about 90 sq km and a population of 16,000. It is basically the central point of the tourist spot with many stores, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, car rentals, cruise, bus, taxi and other tourist services and the like. Fira is the nearest to the airport  which is 5.5 km away. However, Santorini isn’t a big island with a length of 18 km and a breadth of 6 km, the furthest of any tourist spot would be 30~45 minutes from the airport. We have not come across of any halal outlet and Muslim travelers would be wise to bring or cook your own.

Fira, santorni

Fira town square.

Fira, santorini

Square is not busy in October.

Fira, santorini

Restaurant with a view.

Fira, santorini

Shopping alleys in Fira. Mostly souvenirs.