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Pierre Loti

Day 23 – Pierre Loti, Istanbul, Turkey

April 2015
We will be visiting Pierre Loti, a spot famous for its spectacular views over the straits of Golden Horn. It is located in Eyup, about 6 kilometers from Galata Bridge. To get there we took a public bus at the open-air Eminonu bus station close to the Galata Bridge. You’ll need to take a bus and get off at Teleferik bus stop. There are many buses (ask the drivers) that will pass through Teleferik for different destinations, but we rode on bus #99. Teleferik is about the 13th stop (please check) from Eminonu to your right and the stop is clearly sign posted. The journey would take about 20 minutes.

A cable car will take you up Pierre Loti. The station is just across the road from the Teleferik bus stop. The ride is just a couple of minutes as the hill-top is only 53 meters above sea level. If you wish so, you can also walk up to the hill-top amidst through a large old cemetery ground.

If you’re considering going by ferry from Eminonu, you may want to read more here.

We’ve came to Pierre Loti for the views and that’s about all you get here. There is a well-known cafe you would want to enjoy your tea or coffee while admiring the views of the Golden Horn and the Halic bridge across it. There are also a few souvenir shops up the hill-top. If you are on a tight schedule, you may want to skip this point of interest as it takes up a good portion of your time.


The open-air bus station at Eminonu.

Pierre Loti

Eminonu tram stop to Eminonu open-air bus station. Spice bazaar is nearby.

Clean & tidy sidewalk.

Views along the way.


About 20 minutes from Eminonu, about the 13th stop, look out for Teleferik bus stop on your right to get down.

Pierre Loti

The cable car station to Pierre Loti is across from the bus stop. You can also chose to walk up.

Pierre Loti

The cable car has only two cabins each direction that sits 6 to 8 persons each. If you are unfortunate to be stuck in a queue, I foresee it could take you a while for your turn.


Pierre Loti

Cable car on it’s way up. Or is it going down ?

Pierre Loti

The cable car station below. Count the number of tourist buses below. No prizes given.

Pierre Loti

View towards Halic bridge from Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti

View from another angle atop Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti

The well-known cafe at Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti

Enjoy the views as you sip your coffee or tea. Halic bridge in the background.

Pierre Loti

Tourist and locals at the cafe.

Stairs leading up to Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti

There must be a road leading to the hill-top if tourist buses can get here.

Pierre Loti atop of Pierre Loti.

Close to the lower cable car station, about a 5 minutes walk away, will take you to Eyup Sultan Camii (mosque). This mosque is one of the holiest mosque in Turkey. It is revered because it is located close to the site of the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, one of the close friends of Prophet Muhammed.

Eyup Sultan Camii (mosque) on rainy afternoon.

You can take most of the buses (do ask the driver) passing through Teleferik to return to Eminonu. The only difference is in the return route these buses will take for the last leg into Eminonu. Whether its a straight, faster route or otherwise. Some buses may cross over the Golden Horn to Karakoy before reaching Eminonu.