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Volainbus Florence

volainbus Airport Shuttle, Florence

April 2016

Having spent 2 nights in Florence and a whole day on a day trip to Rome from Florence, we embark on our road trip of the Tuscan region. We will be picking up our rental car at Florence airport as opposed to Florence town as the rental rate for returning to a different location is much higher. The savings of picking up and returning to the same location outweigh the convenience of picking up in town. At the end of our road trip, we will be flying out from Florence airport.

To get to Florence airport we will be taking the airport shuttle bus called, ‘volainbus‘ at the Autostazione just beside SM Novella train station. It is a couple of minutes walk from Hotel Montreal and the one way ticket cost €6. During the day, the shuttle runs every 30 minutes. Refer this site for more information. For the first time, we experienced a delay in Italian public transportation as the bus arrived 25 minutes late due to the morning traffic congestion. So do take this into consideration to avoid missing your flight.

Volainbus Florence

volainbus – shuttle bus from Florence to airport, vice-versa                         Credit:

Volainbus Airport Shuttle, Florence

Pick-up is at the Autostazione besides SM Novella train station.

Volainbus Airport Shuttle, Florence

Just a 110m, 3 minutes walk from Hotel Montreal.

Volainbus Airport Shuttle, Florence

Volainbus shuttle tickets. €6 one way.

The Mall shuttle bus, florence

Pick-up point for the shuttle bus to ‘The Mall’ at the Autostazione. The shuttle bus to Barberino outlet is also black in color but pick-up point is in-front of SM Novella train station (Zoppini Store). Don’t get confused.

Volainbus Airport Shuttle, Florence

Florence airport.

As of April 2016, there are NO longer car rental counters at Florence airport. All car rental companies are based off-site about a kilometer away. You get there by a complimentary mini bus shuttle provided at the airport. The pick-up point is just outside of the arrival terminal. Look out for the sign below. There is a make shift shelter for you to wait but no seats. The mini bus is … well mini and cannot accommodate many passengers with luggage. You may have to wait for it to return.

Once we are at the car rental site office, the first counter to the right belongs to Europcar where we’ve made advanced booking through Economy Car Rentals. Paperwork was fast and in no time, we were driving out our VW with the assistance of HERE Maps offline navigation app. For peace of mind, we had purchased additional insurance to cover any excess at Halo Insurance Services Limited.

Bear in mind renting of vehicle in Italy during winter period (up to 15th April), usage of snow chain is mandatory by law and an extra charge is imposed and usually in fine print.

Rent a car Airport Shuttle, Florence

Florence airport rent a car shuttle pick-up point. All rent a car offices are off-site from the airport more than 1km away.

Florence car rental site

Florence rent a car site office map. It’s a longer distance from the site office to the airport as the shuttle makes a u-turn at the far right round-about.

Europcar rental, Florence

VW ‘UP’ rented from Eoropcar.