Camden to Regent’s Park Mosque

Second time visiting Camden, this time covering what we didn’t the previous year. Coming on a working day makes a whole world of difference in that the maddening weekend crowd isn’t there. You can do your browsing on your own pace minus the jostling and get attended to by the shop personnel. The varieties of things you can find in Camden is enormous.

Coming by bus No.27 from stop ET Edgware, we dropped off at stop CQ on Chalk Farm Road, This stop is basically located near to the entrance of Stables Market. Just a few meters ahead to your right, you’ll come to Hartland Road where on this road, you’ll find houses painted in different colors and a couple of street art.

Hartland Road with it’s multi colored painted houses.

Similar to what you’ll find at Portobello Road.

Hartland Road, Camden

One of the street art along Hartland Road.

Hartland Road, Camden

This isn’t a rainy night at Camden. It’s another street art. Notice the electrical box and a ladder on the right.

You would not believe the Stables Market was once a stable and a horse hospital housing a sizable herd of horses used to transport goods along the Camden canal. In Victorian times, the stables is where injured horses pulling barges down the canals would come for treatment.

The Stables Market and a couple other markets in Camden expanded in the 70s, when artists and artisans began to open stalls. Over 450 shops and stalls are housed here selling vintage wares, accessories, jewellery, alternative clothing, furniture and imported ethnic goods.

Entrance to Stable’s Market just next to bus stop ‘CQ’.

Stables Market, Camden

Deck chairs at the entrance to the lower ground bazaars. Proud Camden is a nightclub.

Stables Market, Camden

That’s “Stables Market since 1854”.

Clothing store in Stable’s Market.

Figurines in display cabinet.

A mix of everything.

Assortment of items for sale along the passageway in Stable’s Market.

Varieties of handbags to choose from.

Multi colored Turkish lampshades.

Meanwhile, along Camden High Street, the main road across Camden, you’ll find varieties of shops selling well, varieties of products from antiques to top of the line branded goods. You will note the shops here display their wares on the facade of the their stores in gigantic sizes.


Even restaurant do not want to loose out. Dragon on the facade.

The Camden Market sells mainly clothing.


Camden underground station.

For lunch we headed to Poppies Fish & Chips on Hawley Cres. Poppie’s is renowned for their authentic fish and chips. This is our first time tasting Poppie’s Fish & Chips and we can say it’s one of the best we’ve eaten. Beforehand, the waitress confirms the batter does not contain alcohol. We were at Poppie’s well before 12 o’clock, thus getting a table wasn’t a problem otherwise, it’s usually pack during lunch. Our order of 2 regular haddock cost £29.98

Poppies Fish & Chips just off Camden High Street on Hawley Crescent.

Interior of Poppies.

Fish & Chips for lunch. The sauces comes in cute little bottles.

Right after lunch we took bus no. 274 heading towards Park Road stop ‘P’. Here, we’ll be going to the London Central Mosque to perform our afternoon prayer. The London Central Mosque built in 1974 and opened in 1978 is located close to Regent’s Park thus aka Regent’s Park Mosque. It’s the biggest mosque in London we’ve been to. The building is situated on it’s own site complete with dome and minaret. Ablution place is on the lower floor whilst the big carpeted prayer hall is above. The mosque can accommodate as many as 5,000 worshipers in it prayer halls and courtyard.

Regent's Park Mosque, London

The mosque is situated just off bus stop ‘P’ on Park Road.

Minaret & dome of the London Central Mosque.

The central courtyard. Entrance to the prayer hall is to the right.

Ablution area situated on the lower level.

Regent's Park Mosque, London

The main prayer hall.

Regent's Park Mosque, London

Another view of the prayer hall.

After prayers, we took a stroll along Regent’s Park walking from Hanover Gate behind the mosque to Clarence Gate to exit for Baker Street. Autumn leaves already evident and flocks of birds, ducks, geese and the like patronising the lake. The cool autumn weather makes the walk pleasant. Onto another bus ride from Baker Street and we’re back to our hotel.

Regent's Park, London

Regent’s Park.

Regent's Park, London

Autumn leaves at the park.

Regent's Park, London

Family on the way for a swim.

Regent's Park, London

Community hogging the green.

Regent's Park, London

Along ‘Boating Lake’. BT Tower in the background.

Regent's Park, London

Across the ‘Boating Lake’.

Regent's Park, London

Clarence Bridge across the ‘Boating Lake’.

Regent's Park, London

Clarence Gate, the entrance from Baker Street at the far end.