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Oman Visa

Oman Visa On Arrival

April 2016

For Malaysian (and most other countries), you will be required to obtain a tourist visa-on-arrival before entering Oman. As you enter the arrival hall, walk straight and you will see a Travelex Foreign Exchange bureau counter for you to apply your visa. No forms are required. Just show your passport and mention how many days you will be in Oman. Thereafter, pay 5 OMR for a tourist visa valid for 10 days. As Travelex is a Foreign Exchange bureau, you can also change your currency here as well (at a lousy rate). Credit card payment for the visa is also accepted.

Update (Aug 2017)
The cost of a short-stay (30 days) tourist visa to visit Oman has quadrupled since April, going up from 5 OMR to 20 OMR. You can apply for a tourist visa online prior to your departure or get it on your arrival (VOA) at Muscat airport as described above. Refer here for more info regarding visas.

Oman Visa

Visa slip.

A slip will then be given to you as proof of payment for your visa which you would present it together with your passport at the immigration desk. There is a copy for you to keep. Immigration will be to your right of the visa counters. There are no rush or queues at the Travelex counters or immigration as most passengers are on transit. There were only 13 passengers including me and my wife at the baggage claim carousel despite our flight being a long haul LHR – MCT flight.


Although only few passengers getting off at Mascut, the baggage claim was terribly slow.


Omani currency.

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