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Venice halal

Halal Food, Venice

April 2016

Our choice of choosing to stay at Hotel San Salvador was also due to the fact that halal food is obtainable from a couple of halal eateries nearby. You would definitely get kebab from these eateries but they also serves pizza, rice and curry among others. Expect to spend €7-10 for your meal.

We do come across a few more halal eateries during our walkabout and if you care to google or do a ‘Street View’ search, you’ll find a couple more. Quite a surprise to find plentiful halal eateries in Venice. There is another eatery close to Santa Lucia train station with ‘halal’ signs on every pillar of the shop. It has high ratings on Tripadvisor and Arab families eat there too. But my investigative questioning made me have huge doubts on its status. You have to decide for yourself.

One matter I do recommend for you to ask the eateries where they obtain their supplies and to look out for a ‘Halal’ certificate in the shop.

Venice halal

Location of halal shops nearby Hotel San Salvador.

Venice halal

This no name halal shop is located at 267, Ruga dei Spezieri. Coming down from the Rialto Bridge, that street will lead you to this halal shop. Just look out for the shop number.

Venice halal shop.

Mr. Munir Husin will be at the counter to attend to your order.

Venice halal

Dahabibi Kebab run by Egyptians is another halal outlet located at Sottopassaggio Madonnetta.

Venics halal

Interior of Dahabibi Kebab. Quite a variety.

Venice halal

Location map of Crash Pizza & Kebab. It’s located behind St Mark’s basilica. Looks like it’s a distance from the basilica but not actually.

Venice halal

Crash Pizza & Kebab shop front. The signboard (not in view) is just above the counter windows.

Venice halal

Mr. Nor Rahmah will be attending to you.

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