Abord the Thames Clipper.

Day 2 – Thames Clipper Ferry, London

April 2015

We ended our itinerary for the day at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. For our return journey we decided to use the Thames Clipper ferry dropping-off at London Eye pier. From there, we’ll take the Waterloo underground to get back to Southwark. Thames Clipper Greenwich boarding pier is nearby the Cutty Sark. Just like the underground or the bus, the ferry too made a few stops along the way.

Tickets for Thames Clipper

Ticket booth besides the boarding pier nearby the Cutty Sark. You can use your Oyster card.

Abord the Thames Clipper.

Aboard the Thames Clipper. Comfortable airline style seating.

Canary Wharf pier

Canary Wharf pier.

Pass this residential area on Thames riverbank.

Residential area on Thames riverbank.

Boats on Thames river.

Boats by the Thames riverbank.

Tower bridge

Approaching Tower bridge. The Shard is further down.

Ther Gerkin from Thames riverbank

The Gherkin from the Thames riverbank.

Tower Millinium pier

Picking up passengers at Tower Millennium pier.

Entrance of the Observatory

Day 2 – Royal Observatory Greenwich, London

April 2015

The prime meridian is located at the Royal Observatory. You can stand astride two hemispheres here, which represents the Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude Zero (0° 0′ 0″).

Every place on earth is measured by it’s distance east or west from the Greenwich Meridian. The arbitrary north-south line divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the earth, just as the Equator divides the northern and southern hemispheres.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Royal Observatory, Greenwich location.

For us to get to the Royal Observatory, it’s quite a walk from the Cutty Sark especially going uphill. A slow and relaxing walk through Greenwich park will take about 30 minutes. Once up there, we’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view overlooking Canary Wharf as well as the O2 arena. This is another of London’s photo spots especially for those with telephoto lenses.

Greenwich Park.

An up hill walk through Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory.

Canary Wharf & O2

View of Canary Wharf & O2 arena.

Entrance of the Observatory

Entrance of the Observatory

Prime Meridian

The Prime Meridian line. One foot in the Eastern hemisphere, the other in the West.


sampaisudah.com was in two hemispheres at the same time.

The 1st building in the western hemisphere.

The 1st building in the western hemisphere.

Cutty Sark

Day 2 – Cutty Sark, London

April 2015

The fastest and greatest ship of her time, Cutty Sark is a British sailing ship of the middle third of the 19th century. Built in 1869, she was one of the last tea clippers to be built and one of the fastest originally sailing the China route for the tea trade. In 1954 she was transferred to permanent dry dock at Greenwich on public display. You can venture underneath and aboard one of the world’s most famous sailing ship and last surviving tea clipper.

Cutty Sark

If you have reached Greenwich by the foot tunnel or by river boat, you’ll immediately notice the Cutty Sark.

Cutty Sark

The majestic Cutty Sark on public display at Greenwich.

Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark from another angle.

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