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Ermou street, athens

Ermou Street to Monastiraki and Piraeus, Athens, Greece

October 2013

Quick links : Athens Flea Market  Monastiraki   Piraeus
After a short rest, we roamed Ermou street which is at the back of our hotel. This street starts after Syntagma square and stretches well past Monastiraki metro station. It is a commercial avenue and is a pedestrian only street. It is primarily a local and tourist shopping street and contains many of the big international names like Mango, Swarovski, Zara to name a few.

Ermou street, Athens

Ermou street, Athens.

Ermou street, Athens

Swarovski, Ermou street, Athens.

Ermou street, athens

The happening Ermou street.

Ermou street, athens

Ermou street map.

We walked till we reached the Monastiraki metro station where there is a flea market just next to it. Here you’ll find clothing shops, antiques, used books, cd and vintage records and other stuff you’ll find in a typical flea market else where. There is a sort of small square in-front of the metro station and it’s busy with people rushing for the metro as well as passengers getting off. A hive of activities with small stores, cafe, push cart vendors doing their thing.

Monastiraki metro station

Monastiraki metro station.

Monastiraki, athens

Fruit vendor in-front of Manastiraki metro station.

monastiraki, athens

Entrance to the flea market next to the Monastiraki metro station.

athens flea market

Athens flea market. Shoes and sports gear.

athens flea market

Clothing & souvenir T-shirts.

athens flea market

More sports gear, shoes, handbags.

Since we are at Monastiraki metro station, we decided to take a train ride to Piraeus which is the last metro stop. From the Piraeus metro station, it’s just a matter of crossing the pedestrian bridge to walk over to the ferry terminal for ferries to the southern Aegean islands like Santorini, Mykonos etc.

piraeus metro station

Piraeus metro station.

Piraeus metro station

Exiting Piraeus metro station. The overhead pedestrian bridge to the ferry terminal is outside to the left.

piraeus metro station

Map for directions.

piraeus ferry terminal

From the pedestrian bridge, you can see the ferry terminal. The October evening sun will be right against you.

athens street protess

Street protest, Athens, Greece

October 2013

From the airport, we took the airport X95 bus to get to downtown Syntagma Square. Unfortunately there was a street protest heading to the Parliament building in-front of Syntagma Square. Consequently, our bus was stopped from entering Syntagma Square and we were asked to disembark at the 2nd last stop of the bus route, 900 meters away from our intended stop. We then have to walk whilst dragging our luggage to Syntagma Square and onwards to our hotel. An uncomfortable experience in the warm weather and made us wanted to have taken the metro instead .

athens street protess

The Athens street protest we were caught in. This were peaceful demos.

athens street protess

Roads were closed, so we have to walk and dragged our luggage 900 meters.

athens street protess
athens street protess

Greece metro

If we’ve chosen the metro, we would have travelled in this and avoided the street protest. Cost €8 compared to 5 for airport bus.

Athens airport to Syntagma Square, Greece

October 2013

As a transit in Athens is required for our flight from Santorini to Istanbul, we decided to make a two nights stop-over. We’ve booked our stay at Arethusa hotel because we can take the airport bus right to Syntagma Square, Athens town centre where the hotel is a three minutes walk from the bus stop.

As you exit Athens airport arrival terminal, to your far right (door 5), take the X95 bus for Syntagma Square. The journey takes about 45 minutes. There is a small ticket booth near where the buses stop and you can purchase your bus tickets there before boarding. If the booth is not manned, I’ve read you can pay to the driver as well (please check). The ticket cost 5 one way to Syntagma Square (taxi will set you back 35). Ensure that you validate the ticket by using the validating machine in the bus. Buses to other destinations also converge here .. example X96 to Piraeus.

X95 bus to Syntagma

X95 airport bus to Syntagma Square at your far right (door 5) as you leave the arrival terminal.

You can buy the bus ticket in advanced like we did because we were at the airport a few days earlier for our transit to Santorini. The buses run 24 hours. You may want to check out further here for info on buses, metro & train. The last stop of the X95 bus is Syntagma Square and it’s opposite the Greek Parliament building. Once you get down here, it’s a matter of three minutes walk to Arethusa hotel. The metro also has a stop at Syntagma Square if you’ll be taking the metro from the airport.

Athens airport bus ticket

The airport bus ticket.

Syntagma Square bus stop in-front of Citibank. Three minutes walk to Arethusa hotel.

Greek Parliament building

Greek Parliament building in-front of Syntagma Square.

Arethusa hotel

Arethusa hotel, Athens.

Arethusa hotel

Doors to Arethusa hotel (different spelling of hotel name on frontage and door mat).

Syntagma metro station

Syntagma metro station.

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